A growing industry: Sports betting in Africa

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Sports betting has always been a form of recreation and business. Africans did not think so either. Especially with the advancement of technology, many betting sites are accepting that online betting sites are becoming increasingly popular.

The betting sector in Africa is growing very steadily. Experts even believe that if taken seriously, they have the potential to transform the African continent’s economy. At mfidie.com we regularly curate more such information about Africa for you, stop by!

Currently, the Africa sports betting scenario allows you to bet on football matches and horse racing only. Horse racing has been a favorite of North Africans since the 15th century. Africans have also been betting on football for around 70 years. So betting on soccer has become more accessible. Visit Bet9ja to learn more about the best betting sites and where to put your money!

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There are several reasons why the betting business in Africa is growing slowly but steadily:

Africans love sports

Africans love sports in general, although soccer is definitely the most popular. But they also watch cricket, rugby and definitely athletics with the greatest of pleasure. Indeed, African youth are huge fans of FIFA events and European leagues. You can always find them in groups in local hotels and bars during a game. Well, these leagues give you plenty of opportunities to place your bets. The most popular league is probably the EPL. So they place their bets on leagues like the EPL, La Liga, UEFA Champions League and so on and so on.


Youthfulness among potential customers

The main source of income for the African betting sector is the youth of Africa. More than 200 million Africans are reported to be between the ages of 18 and 24.

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First, because they are young, they are passionate and carefree. You will indulge in bets without thinking too much about it. Second, even in underdeveloped countries, they will be the most adept at using smartphones and thus online sports betting.

Betting sites use this advantage to provide the youngsters with strong online platforms for betting. In addition, the excessively high unemployment in the continent has led youth to gamble in order to use them as a source of income.

Growing because the sector is still at a very simple level

Sports betting in Africa has definitely not yet reached its peak.

Countries like South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya have taken the game a little ahead of other countries. However, governments have yet to find appropriate regulations to manage the betting market and make it a significant source of income.

In 2018, Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa reportedly received $ 40 billion.

Sports betting is becoming more popular than it was two years ago. One main reason is that many online betting sites follow international legal norms. So take this opportunity and bet now!

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