Adorable video of Nadia Buari and her daughters kissing each other warms hearts (video)

Ghanaian actress Nadia Buari warmed the hearts of many people on social media after posting a video of herself and her cute daughters.

Nadia Buari enjoys the joys of motherhood while her four children enrich her experience.

She posted a video of her four daughters lining up to give her a special Mother’s Day gift in memory of her.

The youngest, for example, hugs her mother deeply and says happily: “Happy Mother’s Day, Mom.”

The laughter that broke out after her message to the mother warmed her heart.

Her four daughters, she said in the caption, are her greatest blessings. She went on to say that they were only in her stomach for a few moments but would live on in her heart forever.

Your fans responded positively to the video and thanked many.

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