Akufo Addo’s apologies to Cape Coasters sincerely; Mahama unrepentant – Charles Bissue argues | politics

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The secretary of the western region of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP), Charles Nanabanyin Onuawonto Bissue, noted that President Akufo Addo’s apology to the people of Cape Coast and the Ghanaians for his political slip in relation to the proposed port of Cape Coast is absolutely a demonstration of humility and sincerity.

He argued that the president had consistently demonstrated that he was more receptive to constructive criticism and thus guided a path of honesty in dealing with the people of the country.

On the Asaase Breakfast Show this morning, Mr Bissue stressed that former President John Dramani Mahama has unrepentantly disregarded calls by Ghanaians to apologize for certain irritating comments he has made in the past. He estimated that John Mahama’s do-or-die chant was more popular as a campaign slogan, despite Ghanaians’ concerns about the violence it might spark in the country.

He stressed that President Akufo Addo was quite receptive and argued with the people to apologize and withdraw the all-die-be-die comment he made in the opposition. He described that as honorable of a statesman.

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Mr Bissue announced that in a recent interview in the Volta region, John Mahama replied that he was tired of justifying the do-or-die mantra, an answer he added confirming the former president’s true character .

“. The President honestly came out to apologize. When President Mahama came out to speak, the Ghanaians asked him to apologize, but he never did.

“… what he said was that he was tired of explaining himself, but President Akufo Addo came back to apologize for his all-die-be-die mantra. That tells you how consistent he was against John Mahama. “

Commenting on the ongoing talks on the President’s apology and negative press that provoked his earlier comments, Mr Bissue urged Ghanaians to focus on the progress the government has made in promoting the country’s development .

“Let’s not take the wind out of our sails. We let the negative incidents take over the good things that happened, ”he said.

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