An excruciating moment in which the wedding is interrupted by the “real wife and children of the groom”[video]

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Rwanda – Massive drama ensues at the Apostolic Church when a woman with media men stormed the premises to disrupt her husband’s wedding.

The woman, who had five children for the groom, vowed not to let the wedding take place and did everything until the event was canceled.

Dukuzumuremyi Janvier caused a stir when she walked in with her young children, including a pair of twins that she was looking after alone.

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    Angry wife storms her husband's wedding with children and disrupts the ceremony

Are you wondering how she got hold of the media men? The Afrimax television team, who came to interview her, became aware of her extreme plight (poverty).

During the interview, she received a phone call informing her that, despite being separated for years, her husband was marrying another woman without her knowledge.

As disturbed as she was, as she was taped, she invited the press to watch her bring up the subject.

Afrimax cameras were still on from the birth of their children to their arrival on the church grounds.

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After arriving at church, she did not confront the bride at all as she directed her complaints to her husband.

She made quite a scene until the groomsmen calmed her down while she told the officiating priest about her ordeal.

She backed up her claims with evidence and splattered photos of their wedding and personal life on the couple’s table while the bride just looked on in dismay.

The officers were forced to call an emergency meeting to address the issue and make a decision.

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The meeting ended with the advice to Janviere to divorce her husband as he adamantly insisted not to return to her. She agreed on the condition that he had to care for her five children.

Her husband followed, but it was too late to save his new marriage. The officials resigned and the wedding was canceled.

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