Biochemist murder suspect dies in cells

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One of the three fetish priests on trial for the death of Edward Quartey Papafio, a 64-year-old retired biochemist in Adeiso in the Eastern Region, has died.

The GNA was told that Christian Awoe Gameli, aka Power One, 40, who had been ill, died in lawful police custody.

Gamali is believed to have died in police cells about two weeks ago.

Gameli, Famous Adukonu, aka Scorpion, 37, and Yaw Azamate, 27, are being held for conspiracy to commit a crime of murder.

The three of them had received their pleadings when they appeared before the court headed by Ms. Rosemond Dodua Agyiri.

Meanwhile, an arrest warrant for a Michael Ahiavinye and a Buzanga who are at large is still in effect.

In the case of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, headed by Detective Inspector Lawrence Anani, the applicant is Reverend Comfort Ruth Quartey-Papafio, who lives in Takoradi in the Western Region.

Gameli, Adukonu and Azamete are said to have their stores in Adu-Kojo and Kwasi-Nyarko, all suburbs of Maame Dede in the eastern region.

The public prosecutor said on January 17 of this year that the applicant reported the disappearance of her husband, Mr Quartey Papafio, from his apartment in Kasoa on January 15 of this year at around 7:33 a.m.

Upon receipt of the complaint, police gathered information that the deceased was last seen in Gameli’s shrine on the outskirts of Adu Kojo, which led to the arrest of Gameli and Adukonu on April 21 last year.

According to the public prosecutor’s office, two pump rifles, a single barrel pistol and 11 packets of cartridges were found during a search of the Gameli shrine.

Seven more pieces of the cartridges were found in his room, while two shovels were also found hidden in the back of his house.

Prosecutors said during interrogation that Gameli and Adukonu admitted shooting the deceased with a pump-action pistol and burying the body in the shrine on January 15 this year.

It was said that on April 29 last year, the two of them led police to the Power One Herbal / Spiritual Center, where police identified the deceased’s grave in a makeshift cemetery behind Gameli’s house.

Prosecutors said the crime scene was secured and the court had obtained an exhumation order for this purpose.

Prosecutors said on April 30th last year, a pathologist accompanied by senior officials from CID Headquarters, staff from the Crime Scene Management Team, Forensic Science Laboratory, Drone Operation and CID / Headquarters Operational Team along with Gameli and Adukonu, exhumed the body of the deceased.

When the grave was excavated, Quartey-Papafio’s decayed body was removed, and police also discovered that the deceased’s grave was among other things in Gameli’s cemetery, which was well fenced.

Prosecutors said the investigation revealed that Gameli, Adukonu and Azamete conspired to kill Papafio on December 29, 2019, and therefore lured him with the help of a buzanga, also a traditional priest in Kasoa.

It is said that before the murder of Papafio, Gameli deliberately made a false statement to him (Papafio) and managed to collect 10,650 Gh from him through mobile money under the pretext of swearing Gh ¢ 400,000.00 for him in order to to boost his company.

Prosecutors said Papafio was invited to cleanse the shrine on January 15 last year and Adukonu shot him with Gameli’s gun in the process.

It said Adukonu, then drank some of Papafio’s blood in a plastic gallon and hid it in the shrine while Gameli took possession of Papafio’s cell phones and later buried him with the help of Azamate and Michael, who were on the run.

Prosecutors said Gameli and Adukonu allegedly confessed to police that the blood in the gallon was a mixture of Papafios and another victim who was also buried among other bodies in the cemetery.

It was said the gallon of blood and the body were later deposited at the police morgue for examination.

Prosecutors said the pathologist cited Papafio’s cause of death as hemorrhagic shock, traumatic amputation and unnatural severe chest pain.

Gameli and Adukonu are expected to stand trial on October 12th.

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