Coup leader sworn in as president in Guinea

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Col Mamady Doumbouya was sworn in as Guinea’s interim president after leading a coup that overthrew Alpha Condé.

The former French legionnaire, 41, will become the second youngest leader in Africa after Assimi Goïta, 38, from Mali, who also staged a military takeover.

Col Doumbouya is barred from participating in future elections due to plans announced this week to restore civil rule.

The September 5 coup was widely condemned.

Both the West African organization Ecowas and the African Union have suspended Guinea.

Ecowas also imposed sanctions on the coup plotters and called for a return to constitutional order within six months.

In a speech at the Mohammed V Palace in Conakry, the new president said his mission is to “re-establish the state” by writing a new constitution that combats corruption, changes the electoral system and is “free, credible and transparent” Holds elections, according to the AFP news agency.

He also promised “to respect all national and international commitments that the country has entered into”.

Guinea’s military junta did not specify how long it would take to organize elections.

But anyone who takes part in the transitional government that will have a civilian prime minister will be expelled from office.

The leaders of the military coup arrested Mr. Condé, 83, after they came to power Col Doumbouya insures French media he was with them in a “safe place”.

His exact whereabouts remain unclear.

The colonel held back before his rise to power, but what sets him apart is his international military experience, according to West Africa political scientist Paul Melly.

The colonel was trained in France and served in the French military.

During his 15-year military career, Col Doumbouya served on missions in Afghanistan, Ivory Coast, Djibouti, the Central African Republic and under close protection in Israel, Cyprus, Great Britain and Guinea.

Guinea’s new leader is friends with his coup mastermind in Mali – President Goïta, according to the news website Africa Guinea.

The same site reports that the two military crossed in Burkina Faso in 2018 during a US Army-organized training session reserved for commanders of the region’s special forces.




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