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Dorian Rossini net worth

Read Dorian Rossini Net Worth Report, Wiki, Age, Height, Family, Girlfriend, Wife, Songs, TV Shows, And Other Information You Need To Know.


Dorian Rossini is a French singer, songwriter and internet sensation. Undoubtedly, he has different plans than those revealed a few years ago. By that time he had appeared in So True, and his passage had kept a lot of ink flowing since he referred to himself as the reincarnation of God. In an interview with Nextplz, he decided to come back to this passage in his life in particular to share his new projects, which are necessarily very different.

Early life

Surname Dorian Rossini
Net worth $ 400,000
job Singer, songwriter
height 1.78 m
age 30 years
Dorian Rossini net worth

Dorian Rossini was born on December 13, 1990 (age 30) in Paris, France. His father was a jazz singer and his mother is a kindergarten teacher. He has a younger sister. Dorian has a degree in music and theater studies.


Dorian Rossini became famous in 2012 when he appeared nude in the casting of Angels of Reality TV 5. However, when he was young, Dorian Rossini had a fake ID to get some attention while he was still in high school. So he came up with the idea of ​​completely differentiating one character from the others in order to stand out. He was therefore able to confess in this interview that he had created this reincarnation of God from A to Z, some Internet users inevitably suspected that it was a role.

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If the situation came, he might agree, but only if his coming was serious. He now has a classic income that is linked to his work, but reveals in this interview that he doesn’t necessarily mean money, but that image rights had to be paid at the time. He also has two phone numbers as he is exclusive to the site, one reserved for his fake identity and the second for the real one Dorian Rossini. The latter still wants to stay close to Internet users and even gave his voice a different identity at the time.

Dorian has been single since the beginning of the year and he wants to release an album, it’s a serious project that will be the opposite of all the music he could have released in the days of his false identity. Finally, after the humming, he saw that normal life could be beautiful too. He states on the platform that Internet users will soon be able to hear a single, discover an album and, above all, a clip.

The 10 most popular Dorian Rossini songs

Do not worry
Les Mayes
Muscles yes yes
Wake up
Your times
give me

Dorian Rossini net worth

How much is Dorian Rossini worth? Dorian Rossini’s net worth is estimated at around $ 400,000. His main source of income is his music career. However, Dorian Rossini’s wife is unknown to the public as he has kept his private life away from the public.

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