Duncan Williams’ son is shamed by Slay Queen after begging her (+ screenshots)

Daniel Duncan-Williams, son of Ghanaian preacher Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams, went to great lengths to embarrass a porn vix who refused to star in his music video a few years ago.

Dee Wills, a notorious Twitter user, visited the site on Friday, May 14th to beat up a porn vixen who turned down his deal years earlier but starred in King Promise’s new music video.

According to Dee Wills, the video vixen known on Twitter as “iamabrokwa” flatly told him that she was not allowed to make music videos.

Fast forward to this week, the same video vixen developed for King Promise in his final music video for his song “Slow Down”.

“I asked this girl to do a music video for me three years ago. You were ‘not allowed’ but now you’re shaking botos for King Promise. Congratulations, you did it,” he tweeted (now deleted).

The video vixen, on the other hand, quickly clapped back and made the same point she made years ago.

“Dear, I’m sorry when I said:“ WERENT allowed ”. I should have said clearly, “I won’t do it. “So I’m in my house and come and hit me. I shoot for whoever I want … if you don’t get it … sorry god is amazing … we made it … we made it, “she tweeted.

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