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What is Ed Orgeron’s Net Worth?

Ed Orgeron is an American football coach and former NFL player with a net worth of $ 35 million. As of this writing, his base coach salary is $ 9 million. Orgeron had a successful career as a college football player at LSU and Northwestern State University, and later began coaching various college teams. Eventually, he coached teams like the University of Southern California, the University of Mississippi, and Louisiana State University. In 2019 he had a career-defining moment when he led LSU to a national championship and beat Clemens.

Early years

Edward James Orgeron Jr. was born on July 27, 1961 in Larose, Louisiana. He and his brother grew up in a small town on Bayou Lafourche in Lafourche parish in a family with Cajun roots. He attended Galliano high school with Bobby Hebert, a future NFL star. Orgeron and Hebert played together on the high school team. Orgeron then played soccer at Louisiana State University for a year before moving to Northwestern State University. During this time he played as a defensive lineman.


Through 1984, Orgeron focused on a career as a football coach, beginning with a role as a research assistant at Northwestern State. He then trained at McNeese State before becoming an Assistant Strength Coach at the University of Arkansas. Until 1988 he worked alongside Jimmy Johnson and Dennis Erickson at the University of Miami as a defensive line coach. Personal problems prompted Ed to take a leave of absence, during which he moved back in with his parents and tried to get his life back on his feet.

By 1994, Orgeron had returned as a volunteer linebacker coach for Nicholls State University. He then moved to Syracuse University and served as a defensive line coach for the next three years. During this time, Ed’s reputation improved and his personal problems were largely left behind. In 1998 Orgeron coached USC for the first time, but only as a defensive line coach. During this time, USC became quite successful, winning two national championships. Orgeron was recognized and won the National Recruiter of the Year Award in 2004.

His success at USC helped him win the position of head coach at Ole Miss. However, this did not go well and he was released. In 2008, he was hired by the New Orleans Saints as a defensive line coach and later served as a defensive line coach at the University of Tennessee. In 2010, he returned to USC as one of the highest paid assistant coaches, earning $ 650,000 a year. After Lane Kiffin was fired, Ed became the interim head coach. This was always a temporary fix, however, and Ed resigned when Steve Sarkisian replaced him.

Orgeron experienced real success as a trainer when he switched to LSU. Despite being re-hired as defensive line coach, he was given the opportunity to serve as interim head coach for a second time when Les Miles was fired. This time he managed to hold onto his position and LSU agreed to keep him as permanent head coach. Over the next several years, he helped LSU hit a decent record, and Ed signed a contract extension in 2018. In 2019 he won the College Playoff National Championship with LSU. After another lackluster season and a sexual harassment lawsuit that LSU faced, Orgeron was fired in 2021.

Ed Orgeron net worth

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Orgeron’s problems off the field date back to the early 1990s when a local woman filed an injunction against him. She accused him of attacking her repeatedly. In 1992 he was arrested for participating in a bar fight in Baton Rouge. Despite facing a second degree battery charge of crime, they were eventually dropped. Even though Ed got his life going again, his problems off the field would re-emerge in 2021. During this time, one woman testified that she had been sexually molested by a returning LSU.

She also testified that she reported the harassment directly to Orgeron and that he had taken no action. She also claimed that Ed called her and asked her to forgive her for running back. Orgeron was eventually named as a defendant in a sexual harassment lawsuit against LSU that involved the running back rape of a student. Orgeron was charged again for not reporting the incident and for attempting to wipe it off.

Salaries and contracts

In October 2021, it was announced that LSU was paying Orgeron $ 17 million to “quietly quit” his coaching position at the university. This buyout fee was the result of Ed’s reason for termination. Simply put, there was There’s no reason for his firing, which gives him the full $ 17 million. Two thirds of this amount goes directly to the coach, the remaining third to his LLC. His first installment is said to be $ 5 million, while the next payment should be made a month later at $ 667,000. This pattern will continue for the next few years.

Many prominent economists previously stated that they believed Ed’s contract payout would be closer to $ 10 million, largely because of his problems out of the field. The $ 17 million, however, likely reflects LSU’s goal of silencing him, as Orgeron almost certainly had detailed information about the sexual harassment and abuse allegations plaguing LSU when this payout was offered.

At the time, LSU was embroiled in a $ 50 million sexual misconduct lawsuit that primarily involved players from the school soccer team. In addition, some legal experts speculated that if LSU would have Orgeron fired for some off-field misconduct, there could be legal consequences. In principle, prosecutors could claim that Orgeron’s release was a sign that the LSU was aware of the sexual misconduct, which could make it liable. Four-dimensional chess, everyone.


In 2018, Orgeron was reported to have bought a home in Baton Rouge for $ 900,000. Located in the affluent University Club neighborhood, the lakeside residence offers breathtaking views of a nearby golf course. With a living space of 4,300 square meters and five bedrooms, the house had additional highlights such as an outdoor fireplace, an outdoor living room and an indoor gas fireplace.

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