[EXCLUSIVE]: Ayim Adu Ministries reference to the fifth edition of “Woman Thou Art Lifted” conference for October 9, 2021 at the Sunlodge Hotel, Tesano

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Woman thou art lifted is an entrepreneurial conference held by the Ayim Adu Ministries and led by Rev. Aaron Adu Ayim. It takes place every month especially for women and business women in companies.

The reason for organizing such a conference for women only lies in the fact that young women are faced with greater constraints, they are sometimes bound between work-life balance, that there is insufficient business support, administrative, regulatory framework for companies and others Socio-cultural frameworks are factors such as gender that overlap with age leading to higher barriers to entrepreneurship, so this conference has been designed to provide a welcoming spiritual ambience for breakthroughs while addressing pressing issues in doing business that focus on tangible steps that will enable preparation for better results, when possible, challenges in business and in life as a whole.

The conference is mainly open to the public and has around thirty to fifty people attending. It is speculated that the number of visitors will increase significantly in the coming months. Since June there are four energetic editions with different topics like “Power to Multiply”, “How to add value to yourself etc.” The conference was honored, great speakers like Mrs. Melissa Dotson (Founder of Edifieds, New York), Miss Stephanie

Selawe Adenyo (CEO of Havilah Communications) and so on, with a touch of how it has affected so many lives with incredible testimonials. Conference attendees will have the opportunity to use the speakers’ shared opinions and also develop the urge to implement recommendations or basic guidelines in their daily activities. After a structured process of brainstorming and exchanging information, the participants can learn important points from each other, especially in similar industries.

Here, too, participants can exhibit their products, their uses and how they can be bought in stores or on online platforms. As the conference is geared towards a spiritual business approach, various practical examples that can be aimed at different areas of entrepreneurship based on the Word of God will be highlighted by the keynote speaker and also firmly underpinned by positive affirmations in prayers. The fifth edition will be published on October 9, 2021. The edition includes an extraordinary phase of worship, prayer and prophecy. It will be a great experience not to be missed.

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