Famous college graduate who turned out to be a hairdresser screams for love

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Priscilla Arthur, a female college graduate best known as Adwoa Pee who turned out to be a hairdresser, has revealed that some parents are unwilling to allow their sons to marry female babes, viewing them as failures.

The graduate of the 2nd

“When a woman does a man’s job in Ghana, people think she’s not marriage material or a prostitute,” she revealed in an interview with Pure FM.


“Some parents don’t want their sons to mingle with women who work in male-dominated professions and don’t even allow their sons to go out or marry us,” she continued.

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“If you are not determined, things like this will keep you from achieving your goals. The fact that you want to achieve your goals doesn’t mean you don’t have to raise a family, ”she added.

“I know a lot of hairdressers who stopped because of the things people say about them. They are tired of enduring the heat from the discouraging words of their friends, family members and others. “

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“Sometimes I don’t understand that we believe what men can do women can, but when a woman wants to do what men do, people think she is a bad person. The same goes for the men, when a man does what women do, people discourage that person. “

In conclusion, she encouraged her friends not to give up but to prove it to them by continuing to work hard to shame their critics.

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