Ghanaians in Germany have asked Akufo-Addo to repair the land.

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Ghanaian citizens living in Germany called on President Akufo-Addo to repair Ghana during his trip to Germany to meet the manufacturers of the Pfizer vaccine. As the President got out of his car in front of a square where he was attending the meeting, he met a group of Ghanaians shouting, “Nana fix the country.”

On a viral video, some people were heard singing, “Nana, please fix the land; we ask you so that we can return to the country. ”Another Ghanaian said:“ Why should we beg for our rights all the time? ”

Several youth activists started the ongoing #FixThecountry program on social media to protest against the high unemployment, problematic situation and economic hardship in Ghana. The #FixThecountry movement has held several demonstrations, the next one is due to take place in September.

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