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Members of the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) have announced that they will initiate a labor dispute if the government does not comply with their demand for better working conditions.

The teachers said they want the government to resolve questions regarding their salaries, allowances and other related matters immediately, otherwise they will lay down their tools in the first week of October.

Daniel Affedu, Assistant Secretary General, Administration & Industrial Relations, GNAT told a regional conference that they have waited far too long for their problems to be resolved by the government.

They also urged the National Labor Commission (NLC) not to intervene if they start their planned strike until their demands are met.

“We have some problems as teachers that remain unsolved,” which the teachers will strike if they remain unsolved, Affedu said.

Speaking to the NLC, he said, “If you threaten this, you won’t talk until we start.”

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