“God give me a trillion” – Deon Boakye yells for help (HEAR)

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In the 2:59 minute song, Deon Boakye highlights the pressures people are exposed to in their lives. He also talks about the economy; Inflation, the rapid decline in the Ghana Cedi against the dollar, pressures and more.

Deon Boakye believes in the popular saying “When money talks, bullshit runs” and as such, he believes that a ton of trillions (in any currency) would solve all of his problems.

In a press release he said, “Everyone has a problem, and I believe a trillion can solve any individual’s problem if he or she gets it.”

“The song aimed to address the problem faced by youth in Ghana and the common questions they ask,” he adds.

Below, stream “Trillion” – Deon Boakye’s newest song – and don’t forget to share your candid opinions with us.

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