Google automatically registers 150 million user accounts with 2FA

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Google announced today that it will automatically enroll 150 million accounts for two-factor authentication by the end of 2021.

To protect Google accounts from unauthorized access, it is possible to sign up for an optional security function called two-factor authentication or, as Google likes to call it, 2-step verification (2SV).

When 2SV is enabled on a Google account and someone signs in with the correct username and password, they will be asked for additional authentication to prove they are the account holder.

This additional verification can be done by a code from an authentication app or SMS text, a Google command prompt, or a hardware security key like a Yubikey or Google Titan even an iOS device.

Demonstration by Google 2SV
Demonstration by Google 2SV
Source: Google

In May, Google announced that it had launched automatic registration of users with 2SV for properly configured accounts to protect against disclosure of credentials from data breaches or the use of simple passwords.

In order for an account to be automatically registered, a Google app must be installed that can be used for authentication or a mobile backup device for account recovery.

150 million users are automatically registered with 2SV

Google announced today that it will automatically add 150 million additional Google accounts to 2SV by the end of the year.

“And since we know that the best way to keep our users safe is to have our security measures on by default, we started to automatically configure our users’ accounts to a more secure state,” said Google in a new one blog entry.

We plan to automatically register another 150 million Google users in 2SV by the end of 2021 2 million YouTubers to turn it on. “

Google says these additional accounts will only be registered if they have the “proper safeguards” in place to switch to 2SV.

For those who cannot log into 2SV due to the authentication methods available, Google is working on other technologies that those users can use.

To check that your account has the correct settings for 2SV, you can do the following: Security check in your Google Account, which explains your options.

Because 2-factor authentication is such an important method of securing online accounts and data breaches frequently exposing credentials, it is highly recommended that users enroll in 2SV now instead of waiting.

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