Google makes it easier to scroll through search results

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Google makes it easier to scroll through search results by automatically loading newer results when you reach the bottom of the page. Previously, if you got to the bottom of a Google search results page, there was a large “See More” button at the bottom that you could tap to see more results. With results loading continuously, you can just keep scrolling to see more.

Continuous scrolling has several advantages; It’s much easier to see more results quickly when you don’t have to consciously tap the Show More button. However, I can’t say I am looking forward to this change as reaching the end of a Google search page has often been a natural place for me to consider whether I had learned enough or whether I wanted to look for more information. With continuous scrolling, it can be more difficult for me to detach myself from the page, which I already struggle with when using social networks with endlessly loading feeds.

Continuous scrolling will be “gradually” introduced on Thursday for “most English searches on mobile devices in the US”. according to a google blog post.

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