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Suhum NPP members fight at funeral

The women’s organizer of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the constituency of Suhum, Hannah Asantewaa, has denied attacking and slapping one of the supporters of the president, who is popularly known as the “Big Deal”, at a funeral.

Her comment comes after she was accused of causing confusion and slapping “Big Deal” at a funeral for the NPP communicator’s father over the weekend.

The incident resulted in gory scenes that left two people behind; Bernard Amoani and Alexander Odei injured.

According to Isaac Opare, one of the NPP communicators at whose father’s funeral the confusion took place, Protozoa had attended the funeral but left before the bloody scuffle.

Mr Opare explained that the MP had come with his driver and helpers, as well as the organizer of the women and the constituency secretary.

Mr. Opare said, “My brothers, grassroots serial callers are many in the area, Yahuza, Amoani Fitter, Big Deal and Co. There were many programs, so my brothers acted as ushers. When the MP arrived, they received him like any other dignitary.

“After taking his seat, some fellow callers decided to formally greet the MP, but his assistant, who happens to be his brother (called Mantey), said the MP does not recognize us so he will not allow us to approach him . It was me and another colleague named Big Deal who led the entourage, ”he said.


After the blockade, he added: “My brothers said they would rather say goodbye as they were refused to greet the MP. So when you took the microphone to announce your exit, the women’s organizer would speak to him and slap him and say he was talking nonsense. “

But in response to the allegations, the 55-year-old Women’s Organizer said on the morning broadcast of Adom FM Dwaso Nsem Tuesday that she has no strength to attack Big Deal.

“I am 55 years old and have no strength. I never slapped Big Deal as it was claimed. I didn’t even push him. He was more likely to push and slap me and my eyes are even puffy. He did that because he said I snatched the microphone from him, ”she said.

She continued, “When he pushed me and I fell, my boys came to save me and so the hand-to-hand combat began.”

According to her, Big Deal used to work on campaigns and support them and therefore wonder why he hit them because they have no problems.

“Big Deal is a person who knows my every move. He even comes to my house and I feed him all the time, and why should he slap me in the first place when I took the microphone from him in the burial ground? He lied to the public that I hit him. It’s never true, ”she exclaimed.

But Big Deal on the same show insisted that Madam Asantewaa push and hit him after taking the microphone from him.

“The Women’s Organizer was the first to push and slap me, and later his men came and hit me four times. It was so bad that I was taken to the hospital. Ms. Asantewaa is a woman I admire and help. I work for her and why should she do this to me? “

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