Guys with pure intentions are boring – says Lady

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One lady said that women want good men with real intentions, but that doesn’t mean that men shouldn’t get “interesting” and give them heartache every now and then.

According to the lady identified on Twitter as @missmwenya, the relationship becomes uninteresting when a man is always gentle and treats his lady with the utmost respect without any problems.

“Guys with pure intentions are boring,” @missmwenya wrote on her Twitter handle.

However, it was unclear why the lady made such a claim.

The beautiful lady’s tweet sparked a lot of conversation on social media.

Some fellow women disagreed with her while some others said she has a valid point.

In other news, a man couldn’t hold back his tears after being surprised with many gifts from his beloved girlfriend on his birthday.

The young Nigerian, who had already been shown into a room by his girlfriend, was only given one of the gift boxes.

He unwrapped it to get various gifts like perfume, clothes, wristwatch, etc.

He immediately dropped it and burst into tears of joy because his Nigerian girlfriend loved him so much when she tried to comfort him by hugging him.

While some girls poured confetti on him while he prepared to unwrap the other boxes of presents.

The act shown by the man’s girlfriend won her praise on social media, with the majority complimenting her.

Some men asked their girlfriends to learn from the lady and do the same for her.

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