Help me divorce my husband because his eggplant is huge and he chops me every day – wife yells for help

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A married woman begs for help to divorce her husband because his penis is too big for her and it causes pain in her marriage.

She shared a post on her Facebook page telling her mothers that her husband’s penis is too big and that he likes to have sex every day even during their period.

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The contribution is;

“Dear Yummy Shaida, please hide my identity. I know this may sound a little immature, but this has become my problem and I even reported it to my counselor and parents. I want to divorce my husband because he wants to have the thin day at least three times a day. And when he does that too, his distinctive character is so gigantic that it hurts and burns at the same time. I always start crying when I have to go home. When I see him I start to tremble. I hide from him and tell him I’m sick, but he’ll get what he wants anyway. I am constantly tired and in pain. I can’t even walk normally anymore. My work colleagues have even noticed how unhappy I am. Please help me. I do not know what to do. Even in my period he will still do it ‘

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