Here are 10 things a girl wants from you but won’t tell you.

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1. She prefers “beautiful” instead of “hot”

When you describe a woman as “hot,” you admire her physical attraction, according to a popular Quora answer from Sukeshi Rishabh. The term refers to a woman who has a sexually appealing body. Your personality, nature, intellectual ability, or virtues as a person have nothing to do with how hot she is. It just means that she is attractive, especially in her figure.

In my opinion, “beautiful” is a broad term. When describing a woman as beautiful, you can refer to her facial features, her body, her behavior, her nature, her intellect, her virtuous soul, or her entire personality. It doesn’t allude to any particular aspect of their personality.

2. Keep your promise and never lie

It’s all about trust, Chale. When she finds she can count on you, you’re in her good books. It is not a good idea to make promises that cannot be kept. It’s not that deep.

3. Always answer Fast

I should have addressed this rule first. Lol. You should respond to SMS and missed calls as soon as possible. Everything else shows her that you are not serious about the connection.

4. Deep long conversation

These are the types of chats that make it clear where the relationship is going and other topics of concern to them.

5. Your hoody with your own scent

They enjoy owning something that belonged to their lover to prove that they are together. Girls are also obsessed with the way their man smells for some reason, so they’d be happy to see something with your perfume. It makes them feel more connected to you. This means that boys should take care of their personal hygiene. Because…

6. Sing your favorite songs together

7. Tackle it in a romantic way

Even if not every girl likes to be tickled on the feet and stomach, there is a romantic way.

8. Fall asleep in your arms

It’s amazing and adorable when a girl falls asleep on you. She tells you that when she falls asleep, she feels comfortable, safe, and content around you.

9. Make sure you give the two of you some time to yourself.

10. Watch movies and cuddle

For women, cuddling means giving their boyfriend the certainty that they are safe and can loosen their vigilance. Cuddling also makes you happy because it releases the hormone oxytocin. According to the medical network,

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