How much money did Daniel Craig make with James Bond?

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It’s been 15 years since Daniel Craig first donned the tuxedo and martini glass as James Bond. His first Bond film was “Casino Royale” in 2006. He has played the role four more times, including the latest “No Time to Die,” which will be his final post and will premiere on Friday.

Over the years, in interviews and speculative media articles, Craig often seemed tired of playing this role. But just when he thought he was out, the producers pulled him back in. With money. Money bucket.

And that makes sense. Daniel Craig was a hugely successful James Bond at the box office.

Without “No Time to Die”, Daniel’s run as Bond alone grossed just over $ 3 billion in ticket sales. It has made at least billions more from product placement, licensing and syndication deals.

So it made sense that the producers of the film would continue to throw tons of money at Daniel to keep them in the picture for as many films as possible.

But how much money?

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How much money did Daniel Craig make with James Bond?

Let’s start at the top. For his first appearance as Bond, the 2006 “Casino Royale”, Daniel Craig earned a respectable, but not exactly A-list, salary of 3.2 million US dollars.

For the 2008 successor “Quantum of Solace” he received $ 7.2 million.

That’s a meager $ 10.4 million for the first two Bond films. These two films grossed $ 2 billion together.

With some confidence and strong results behind him, Daniel was ready for a raise for Skyfall 2012. For his third bond installment, Craig earned a base salary of $ 17 million. He also negotiated net points in the backend, resulting in $ 3 million worth of bonuses for a total payday of $ 20 million.

Craig’s base salary was raised again for 2015’s “Specter,” this time making $ 25 million direct. He then earned $ 5 million in bonuses for a total of $ 30 million.

Daniel received another $ 25 million base salary for “No Time to Die”. At this point, before one final bonus has been earned, Daniel’s total James Bond earnings are …

$ 85.4 million

Let’s say he negotiated 5% of the gross receipts for the final film. If No Time to Die grossed $ 1 billion at the worldwide box office, Daniel would earn a $ 50 million bonus. And maybe that’s half right because he may actually have negotiated a lower percentage of gross income or a higher percentage of net income (AKA, profit). Let’s round it down to a conservative bonus estimate of $ 25 million. That would add his total income from the Bond franchise to …

$ 110 million

Not too shabby for five films and clearly an important contributor to Daniel Craig’s current net worth of $ 160 million.

How does Daniel’s income compare to Pierce Brosnan’s?

Pierce Brosnan made $ 4 million for “Goldeneye” in 1995. He then made $ 8.2 million for Tomorrow Never Dies, $ 12.4 million for The World Is Not Enough, and $ 16.5 million for Die Another Day.

When you add it all up, Pierce Brosnan’s revenue is $ 41.1 million. But also keep in mind that Pierce’s profit should probably be adjusted for inflation to be apples for apples. Adjusted for inflation, Pierce earned around $ 65 million for his four Bond films.

So Pierce earned an average of $ 16.25 million, adjusted for inflation, and $ 10.25 million without adjustment.

Daniel made an average of $ 17 million (in five films) before receiving a bonus for the final film. If he earns a $ 25 million bonus, his average per movie is $ 23 million.

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