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One question people usually ask me is who is a leader or what is true leadership?

I have written and published several articles on the concept of leadership to help people understand who a leader is or what is true leadership?

Although people with different theories and ideologies explain leadership in a different competition as far as conceptualization is concerned.

Usually there are conflicts with wrong conceptualizations when it comes to who a leader is or what true leadership is.

In today’s issue of Becoming a Force In Africa, I’ll be focusing on Who is a Leader, although I’ll do a little bit of What is True Leadership, but find another time to explain to you what true leadership is, by whom is a manager?

After many years of study and research into the concept of leadership, I have come to the conclusion that when we come from leader, it’s all about self-discovery. In other words, having the right environment for self-discovery makes you a true leader

Being a leader doesn’t mean leading people … It is absolutely wrong to believe that the ability to lead people makes you a leader.

At this moment, don’t worry because I understand your confusion and what most of you are thinking … just relax your nerves because your confusion will go away very soon.

I know that most of you here belong to a religion or a religious group or corporation, that’s pretty ok

Remember, I told you earlier that leading a leader is not about leading people, it is about discovering yourself.

Anyone who is a leader can be put into a simple competition that does not require arguments. Perhaps people are still arguing over their affiliated religion or religious beliefs and what they usually called religious doctrines.


The answer is: everyone is a leader. In other words, everyone was born to lead.

I know most of you are asking if that is the case, then who is supposed to be a follower. Right now I want you to hold onto your thoughts.

To make this concept of who a leader a leader clear in simple terms, go to what most of you religious believers believe is a religious book that absolutely does not …

THE BIBLE and look at what the creator of the entire universe, who is the leader of all creatures, said or how he imagines who is a leader?

Remember that God is the guide of the whole universe and created and shaped you and me too.

Genesis chapter 1:26

“Then God said let’s make people in our own image as we are. You will rule over the fish in the sea, the birds in the sky, the cattle and all wild animals on earth and the small animals that scurry across the ground. “

Then he continued in verse 28a

“Then God blessed them and said: Be fruitful and multiply. Fill the earth and rule it ”.

‘To rule’ in Scripture simply means to rule, to control, to direct and to lead.

Nowhere in the Bible was there any categorical specification of what kind or class of people should be leaders at the time God created the world?

God simply made the first people he created (man and woman) responsible for all that he created. They were made leaders by nature, and so are you!

You are naturally born to be a leader and therefore do not allow anyone or anything to take away your natural ability to be a leader.

Society has its own criteria for being a leader and those are not the specifications of God your Creator for your life when it comes to being a leader.

It is for this reason that I usually refer to you as my audience rather than my followers because I have learned and believe that each of you are natural born leaders.

So I am not going to put this limitation on you simply because you call you my follower.

There are so many restrictions on your natural rights that society has placed on some of you here who are deliberately fighting you mentally, psychologically, emotionally, and physically.

And that is the main reason why he sent me to come to you and expose you to these lies and harms that society has inflicted on you.

Let me make it sound easier by looking at these two amazing creatures over time and how they used their natural abilities given to them by nature (God).


The fish was created with the ability to swim. Therefore, the fish do not have to attend a swimming school before they can swim. It is his natural ability given to him by God the Creator.


The bird, too, was created with the natural ability to fly. Hence, a bird does not have to attend a flight school before it can fly. It is his natural ability given to him by God the Creator.

The same goes for your case, you don’t have to achieve a particular size, degree, or certificate before you can be that leader.

It is born with you … you have that ability right within you, but what you lack is that you simply have to be exposed to the right environment in order to be called the leader of all time.

The problem is what society led you to believe, and that is, you have to reach a certain height and degree or certificate before you can be that leader.

Society has incarcerated and corrupted your thinking that whenever you hear about being a leader, you think about leading people. In other words, to impose on people and to control and command people.

Here is one of my favorite quotes and I think it gets to the point

“True leadership is not about leading people, it is about finding yourself and being able to lead in an area of ​​gifts”

People like me don’t need a specific number of people before we manifest the leader in us.

I believe that I was naturally born to be a leader, which is the state of mind you need to develop if you are to become the leader within you.

I once told a group of students that they don’t need a platform to become a leader, they just have to live their own lives and that’s all they need to discover about themselves as they delve into the world of uncertainties.

At the age of 11 I discovered my gift (talent) as a motivational speaker and decided to do everything in my power to perfect my gift and lead in this area of ​​gift items.

I have to personally go to two elders of my faith (church) and talk to them about what life I have in me as my gift (talent).

I just don’t want to understand it, but that’s how society is designed and structured to function. Society will always limit you and prevent you from maximizing your gifts or talent, but your talent can take you to too many places and only take you to levels beyond human judgment if you use your gift ( Characterize talent.

The leader in you demands that you never be satisfied with what you have and who you are.

Will Smith once said:

“When you wake up in the morning and your life means something other than yourself, then you have meaning. If you don’t do the things you do, people’s lives will suffer not to live in service but in service to humanity, to your family, to your church, to your ward, to your country and to the World, that is the purest form of joy ”.

If you don’t make someone else’s life better, you are wasting your life


So great is the value of your gift, and so great the impact you have in your gift area, that generations will be forever grateful to meet either you or your legacy


  • A leader is born naturally
  • Being a leader is a natural skill
  • A leader is natural and comes from a natural source
  • A leader is an undiscovered self
  • A leader is an unexposed environment about yourself
  • A leader is a natural gift (talent) given to all persons by the Creator (God).
  • Everyone on this planet is a potential leader in an area of ​​gifts (talent)


we believe in our future selves!

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