“I drove it out in the name of Jesus” – man “delivers” cable thief, says “We have forgiven you” (video)

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According to a report by Gistreel.com, the man’s alleged thief stole N70,000 worth of the man’s power cord and he was caught in the act.

Interestingly, he was fortunate enough to find himself in the clutches of a forgiving Christian.

“I blame it, I throw it out of your soul, your body, your mind. You will be fine, you will be fine in the name of Jesus … ” the cable owner hears him say while the suspected thief repeatedly replies amen.

The man then declared that the thief was free and informed him that he had been forgiven for his crime.

The suspected thief jumps up excitedly to hear that he has been released and will not be beaten or handed over to the police.

While the man was summarizing the “exorcism,” a certain woman believed to be his wife emerged from behind to join the prophetic statements about the alleged thief.

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