I only like fried rice with chicken says Abesim Killer

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The man, who became notorious for allegedly killing people and keeping the dismembered bodies in a refrigerator, said he only ate fried rice with chicken.

Richard Appiah, 28, sent shock waves across the country in August when he was caught storing human body parts in a refrigerator in his room in Alaska, a suburb of Abesim near Sunyani in the Bono region.

A source told it Daily guide that since he was in police custody, Appiah only insisted on eating fried rice with chicken and not eating anything other than the popular food.

He is said to have provided some information about what motivated him to commit the heinous crimes and reportedly told investigators that he started killing dogs before he started killing people.

According to police, he killed at least two boys between the ages of 13 and 15.

Their names were given as Louis Agyemang, presumably a family member of the suspect, and Stephen Sarpong, 15, whose body was dismembered by the accused.

Spiritual alibi

Appiah told his interrogators that something was urging him to kill a black dog, which he did.

He told police that he only ate the dog’s head after killing it, and the source said, “There is evidence that he really did kill a black dog first before turning to people he killed. “

“That ‘something’ he claims has influenced him to commit the heinous crimes, we don’t know. The police do not stop by ghosts to investigate. “

According to the source, a week after killing the dog, he told interrogators that the so-called ‘something’ was pushing him to kill people again, and that’s exactly what he did. “

Psychiatric problem

The source said Appiah does not appear to be sane, a claim that many people do not support.

“There is evidence that Richard Appiah had mental health problems and said he visited the hospital for a psychiatric evaluation some time ago,” the source said, adding, “there was evidence that he was hospitalized. If you want, you can check the hospital here in Sunyani to check. “

According to the source, police have requested a psychiatric evaluation of the suspect, which was conducted as part of the investigation at Accra’s psychiatric ward.

No employees

The source refuted rumors circulating in Sunyani that the suspect referred to his employees as politicians, hotel owners and chop bar operators in both Sunyani and Berekum during the investigation.

“It’s a lie. You see, when the news got out, there was even mention that Richard owed a fleet of cars and mansions. Look, the one-story building across from the crime scene is for someone who is overseas and not even in the country Country. Richard Appiah doesn’t even owe a motorcycle, let alone cars, ”the source noted.

No cover-up

The source also refuted claims that the police were transferring the suspect to Accra for the purpose of hiding evidence.

“The police administration has procedures for dealing with crime. The IGP as chief decides to do what he thinks best when it comes to investigations in any part of the country. The transfer was a purely administrative decision to ensure that the investigation is carried out quickly.

“The IGP or the regional commanders can decide where an investigation can take place in a case, and that is not intended to hide anything from the public,” the source said.

parts of the body

According to the source, forensic examinations conducted by pathologists found that all parts of the disfigured bodies were intact except for the missing genitals.

The suspect, the source said, accepted that he put the genitals in a water closet and flushed everything.

“That is why the police had to draw water from the septic tank at the scene of the crime in order to check his statements during the interrogation.

Burial of the victims

There seemed to be some sort of stalemate between the police and the victims’ families over the deceased’s funeral.

Louis Agyeman was buried last weekend, but George Sarpong’s family initially refused to take the body away in protest at the slow investigation into the matter.

However, Daily guide understands, the family has now decided to pick up the body from the police and bury it next weekend.

Legal proceedings

Back in Accra, the Appiah case was adjourned to October 25th.

The case had been postponed to October 5, but had to be postponed because the judge in charge had given her leave.

The police had told the court at the last court session that they were awaiting the result of an autopsy on the remains of the two children found in the defendant’s room.

Chief Inspector Lawrence Anane told the court that upon receipt of the autopsy report, they will finalize their investigation and forward a duplicate file to the Attorney General for consultation.

Cruel murder

Richard Appiah, presumably an architect or surveyor and soccer player, is said to have been a friend of the victims.

He is said to have initially denied knowing the whereabouts of Louis Agyemang, the missing boy, together on the day the victim disappeared.

It was alleged that Appiah took out his clothing and set it on fire after the insidious act, likely to erase any evidence of the crime.

Intestines discovered

Police later discovered the entrails of the victims who were buried on a cocoa farm.

A police statement signed by ACP Kwesi Ofori, Acting Director General for Public Affairs of the Ghana Police Service, states: “The Criminal Investigation Headquarters (CID) team investigating the Abesim murder arrived yesterday, Tuesday, the 24th place where the suspect Richard Appiah buried the bowels of one of the murder victims. “

The statement went on to say that police also found a sharp cutlass that was used in the murder and where the body parts were buried.

“The intestines were buried on a cocoa farm in Abesim, which the police have now exhumed for pathological analysis and forensic examination in Accra,” the statement said.

“The investigation team has also circled a septic tank and other worrying spots for further investigation,” the statement said.


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