I urge all of my true fans to support my craft by streaming my music – Waliy Abounamarr

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Aspiring music artist Waliy Abounamarr asks all of his fans to support his craft by streaming his music on all platforms.

Waliy, who recently released a new single called ALKAREEM, made this appeal during an interview.
In his opinion, his fans show him so much love when he releases a new project, but he will be more happy when they share and stream his music on all platforms.

“Let’s go on this journey together
Never let go of my work … .. that was what stuck us most … Let us hug and show gratitude forever and for every blessing in our life,

The fact that we as humanity can make, create, build and appreciate what has been given to us in our daily life … I ask all of you to support my albums, to any degree that matches or comes close to your enthusiasm. The music, that we have … and please visit Real Soon for more … “he said.

His latest masterpiece, titled ALKAREEM, which came with a music video, has received over 100,000 views on YouTube to date.

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