I was almost stabbed to death in Kumasi – Naakay revealed [Video]

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A former member of the defunct music duo Nkasei, Naakay, announced that he nearly died in Kumasi due to their popular song ‘Tuobodom’.

Naakay said a guy he suspects was from Tuobodom, who was dissatisfied with her portrayal of the city in the song, nearly stabbed him during a stage performance.

The song Tuobodom remains arguably one of the most controversial songs in the country after causing so much uproar in the industry nearly two decades ago.

The singer said he was shocked after recently receiving a screenshot of comments people posted under a video of an appearance on an Accra-based television station.

“After doing that song on TV, people wrote all sorts of negative things, and it still shocks me.

“I’m usually quiet about these things, but I think it’s time people had to start thinking. Besides music and what we do, we have families; I am a godly person, ”he said.

He said that although he views challenges as a hidden blessing, the reality is that some people can really exaggerate when they tell of an incident in Kumasi that a guy almost stabbed us.

Naakay added, “The stupidity has to stop and I won’t stop singing this song. I’ll sing it because it was creative.

“This thing is getting on my nerves. I can understand to some extent that you’re loyal to where you’re from, but let it slip. It’s just a song, and some of these people even danced to the song. “

Check out the video below;

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