I was busy stealing items for a fee of GH ¢ 200 – Imprisoned Horseman

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I was busy stealing items for a fee of GH ¢ 200 - Imprisoned Horseman

I was busy stealing items for a fee of GH ¢ 200 – Imprisoned Horseman

An Accra Circuit Court sentenced a tricycle driver to nine months in prison after entering an electrical engineer’s home and running away with household appliances and personal effects.

Osman Musah told police it was a yakubu who is now at large who hired him to steal the items for a fee of GH ¢ 200.00.

Accused of unauthorized entry and causing unlawful damage and theft on three counts, pleaded guilty.

The court, chaired by Ms. Rosemond Baah Torsu, tried Musah at his own request and sentenced him accordingly.

The prosecutor, Chief Inspector Martin Adu Acheampong, who clarified the facts, told the court that the applicant, Kwabena Osei, was an electrical engineer residing in Community 20, Lashibi. The defendants live at the Shalom Spot in Lashibi.

At around 11 am on 9 September this year, the applicant and his daughter left their home for a hairdressing salon in Parish 17, Lashibi leaving his wife, who was then working in the boys’ quarters of the house.

On their return, Chief Inspector Acheampong said that the complainant had discovered that a thief or thieves had broken into the house and that his wife had not seen them.

According to prosecutors, the complainant alleged that the thieves took away his 50-inch Sumsung TV, 43-inch Hisense TV, a pair of Nike trainers and a bag of books.

The complainant reported the matter to the police, who visited the scene and the police noticed that the garage door was damaged.

A wooden-framed steel door on the garage leading to the hall was also damaged.
Prosecutors said the complainant played his CCTV camera and tracked the defendant stealing items worth GH 6,950.

Chief Inspector Acheampong said that around 10:00 am on September 25 this year, Musah was found sneaking around the area.

The applicant called the police and the defendant was arrested. Musah admitted the offense, in the presence of an independent witness, saying it was a yakubu who was now at large who had hired his services to steal for a fee of GH ¢ 200.00
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