I was recently defrauded of $ 7 million – complains Kennedy Agyapong.

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Assin MP Kennedy Agyapong has announced that he has ended up in a botched business where he was cheated out of $ 7 million by a young man.

According to him, in the industry, no matter how smart a person is; Losses and other challenges can crop up, but the way a person deals with them determines how good they are as an entrepreneur.

GhanaWeb monitored comments Agyapong made on Net2 TV’s “The Attitude” on August 20, in which he revealed that the “scammers” who mess with him will soon know who they are up against to have.

“Even for me things are not going as smoothly as you think. I told you last week that I bought $ 7 million worth of machines for some boys, they cheated on me, they’re still on, they haven’t changed.

“Your time will come, my message is that when I suggested the money to buy the Canon machines I would not have given them that if that were all I had. So I’m going to eat, what hurts me is that a 39 year old boy is going to cheat on me, a 61 year old man. “

According to him, now that he plans to fight back the scammers, “people are begging, people are still begging. People I respect beg, do you understand why Ghana is not making progress? ”He asked.

He vowed to go after the boys and collapse their business, a defense that he said he started by cutting their sources of supply and their business.

However, Agyapong remains unfazed by the incident and insists that he will continue his business and make investments as it is a sign of a businessman who understands the ups and downs of trading.

“I won’t let you demoralize me…. I am still investing. I’m already good at business, but I’ve gotten smarter. If you see a Ghanaian die, let him die…. Nana Boadu (he named one of the boys) will not know what to expect.

“But I’m not going to let these guys break me down, they’re very bad, I know two, but I’ve been told there are three … I’ll get each of my pesewa back from these little boys, they’ll never cheat me that badly .

“I’m going to take action and I don’t care because I’m not going to let him ever take me for granted. I usually run my hand over my head. My head is boiling because it hurts so much that the boys could cheat me like that, ”he complained.

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