In a live radio interview, Patapaa again loses his temper and insults Sarkodie and his wife.

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Patapaa, also known privately as Justice Amoah, is a Ghanaian singer who previously voiced his displeasure with sarcody over a text he used in a song he appeared in a few years ago.

When multi-award-winning Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie delivered a verse about YPee’s ‘Meye Guy’ remix in 2018, he dropped a remark suggesting that Patapaa would have come to his funeral if he hadn’t made it in life.

Patapaa now disrespected the remark three years after he made it, following a similar line Amerado used during his rap war with Obibini.

After Sarkodie made fun of him with this line, other musicians have used his name in the same way.

During a recent interview on Okay FM, the Swedru-based singer argued that the lyrics were disrespectful to him, even though Abeiku Santana had suggested that his rapper use his name as a metaphor rather than criticize him.

Patapeezy, on the other hand, refused to accept such an explanation, claiming that “then he could have used his wife to rhyme, not me”. During a heated conversation when Abeiku Santana was trying to calm him down, he continued, “You see, the guy is pointless.”

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