Interior Minister swears in Isaac Egyir … calls on him to lead prison service to ensure the safety of Ghanaians

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The Minister of the Interior, Mr. Ambrose Dery, swore in yesterday the General Director of the Ghana Prison Service (GPS), Mr. Isaac Kofi Egyir.

Mr Dery put the new Director General in charge of running the service in order to achieve the President’s goal of ensuring the safety of every Ghanaian.

He said the security services had been upgraded to help them do their jobs well and to ensure that their staff were increased to meet international standards.

He said that security services are currently being recruited, which is in line with the president’s goal of keeping Ghanaians safe.

Mr Dery said the GPS had played a vital role in the administration of justice and the security of the country, and being confirmed as director general would go a long way in consolidating the service’s efforts.

For his part, Mr. Egyir takes the view that everyone must be given a second chance in life to correct their mistakes and to behave in a socially acceptable manner.

“Personally, I have a long-held view that everyone deserves a second chance and our unhappy brothers are no exception,” he added.

He said government and GPS efforts should be focused on adding value to inmates so they can take advantage of any second chance they may be given.

“I will therefore be responsible for establishing effective rehabilitation programs, particularly in agriculture where the service has a comparative advantage, and other professional training programs to provide our inmates with basic skills for successful reintegration into society,” he said.

He promised to make GPS a relevant institution on the country’s national development agenda by the end of his term in office.


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