It takes occults to support and promote gayity because it has spiritual powers

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Ghanaian private lawyer Maurice Ampaw has made it widely known that those who support LGBTQ + are occult.

For him, people who support LGBTQ + are not just people, but powerful and influential in society.

It is widely reported that fifteen renowned lawyers, scholars and civilians have filed a memorandum against the anti-LGBTQ + law in parliament.

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In an interview on Oyerspa FM, led by Nana Yaw Mensah Jowel, attorney Maurice Ampaw revealed that those fighting the proposed anti-LGBTQ + law are undercover.

“I know where these people come from … they’re all occultists. It takes occults to support and promote gayism because it has spiritual powers. ”He gave it away.

“The opponents of the law are powerful people, they chose them to lead the crusade, look at Akoto Ampaw, he is close to President Akufo-Addo.”

Attorney Maurice Ampaw added;

“The fight against the anti-legislation is a plan, they met to elect influential people to lead the campaign.”

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