Kim Kardashian paid Kanye West $ 20 million for his half of their Hidden Hills mansion … and $ 3 million for the interior!

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According to what has been told to most celebrity real estate watchers, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian planned to continue co-owning their Hidden Hills mansion. After all, they spent nearly a decade and tens of millions of dollars buying the land and building the structures.

We just found out that Kim actually bought Kanye’s half. The price tag?

$ 20 million

And as it turned out, that wasn’t the full extent of the deal. Kim recently spent over $ 3 million extra on all that stuff in the house.

If you think $ 3 million is a lot for a ton of furniture, even for the Kardashian-West household, you’re not wrong – TMZ says a large chunk of that price tag was for the art collection the former couple managed accumulate over the course of the marriage.


You bought the house about seven years ago. Today the property is valued at $ 60 million.

Kardashian and the couple’s children are said to have lived in the house since February when she first filed for divorce. According to unnamed sources close to the family, the house was the top priority of the former couple’s shared property.

The deal was supposedly “extremely cordial,” but it also seems to put an end to speculation that Kanye and Kim might reconcile (fueled by reports that they were seen together at various public events) in what was once their primary residence was, now the sole property of a Kimberly Kardashian.

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