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Now that you have it, here are some behavioral psychologies you should know.

Bandwagon effect.

You are more likely to adopt an idea or belief as it gains popularity with people. When everyone does something, there is pressure to adapt.
For example, you start wearing a certain style of clothing when you see others adopt the same fashion.

Forer effect or Barnum effect.

It is easy to attribute your personality to vague statements, even when they may apply to a wide range of people.
For example, when you read your horoscope in a newspaper and find that it is surprisingly accurate.

Reminder Kruger Effect.

You overestimate your abilities when you know nothing, but underestimate your abilities when you know everything.
For example, people who know relatively little about politics and government are more likely than others to overestimate their knowledge

The player’s mistake.

They think that future possibilities will be influenced by past events.
For example: “I’ve tossed heads five times in a row with this coin, so the chance that tails will come out on the sixth toss is much greater than heads.”

Spectator effect.

When an emergency situation arises, you are more likely to take action when few or no witnesses are present. With a large crowd, you are less likely to take action
For example, you are less likely to help a victim when there are other people around to help.


They judge a person based on preconceived notions or ideas about the behavior and characteristics of a particular group.
For example, people who wear glasses are preconceived as nerd.

Anchoring failure.

You rely too heavily on information to make decisions (usually the first piece of information you receive on the subject)
For example, if you first see a t-shirt that costs $ 500, then one that costs $ 100, consider the second t-shirt to be cheap.

Hindsight failure.

They tend to view past events as predictable by the time those events occurred. For example: Before the event: I think this stock will increase in value, but I’m not sure. After the stock rose 50%, I knew it would stand up. I was sure.

Diderot effect.

When you buy something new, you will feel compelled to buy more items related to the new.
For example, you buy a new dress and now you need to get matching accessories.

Sleeper effect.

If you are won over by an ad or a message, your attitudes will take a long time to change, even if you initially oppose it.
For example, deliberately portraying a negative image about one candidate by another during elections.

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