Man Dies On-T0p Of Two Ladies He Was Seriously Ch00ping (Full Video)

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A retired man from the Nigeria Postal Service (NIPOST) has died next to two young women whom he seriously served.

The man was reportedly found dead in his home on Udo Street in Uyo, the state capital.

A neighbor responsible for the sudden incident said the deceased was involved in a sex orgy with two young women whom he reportedly promised jobs at NIPOST if there were vacancies.

“The deceased died of apparent exhaustion due to the s3x marathon with two young women whom he promised to inform of the vacancies available through the post office in the Ibom Plaza arena in Uyo,” the source said.

“We found his lifeless body outside the building at around 3am. When we checked with him at home, we met two young women who claimed that the deceased had brought them to stay with him. They pretended to forget the man’s death; Let us know the man went outside to calm down. “

In the meantime, the two women are currently in police custody and are supporting the police in further investigations.

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