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What is Manny Ramirez’s net worth?

Manny Ramirez is a retired professional baseball player with $ 90 million net worth. Originally born in the Dominican Republic, Manny played in MLB for 19 seasons. He played for teams like the Cleveland Indians, the Boston Red Sox, the Los Angeles Dodgers, the Chicago White Sox and the Tampa Bay Rays. He then finished with a final season in the Chinese Professional Baseball League.

Over the course of his career, Ramirez has built an excellent reputation as a batter who brought both skill and strength to the plate. He hit over 500 home runs, 21 grand slams and 29 post-season home runs. Manny also averaged a lifetime batting average of .312 and is widely regarded as one of the best right-handers of his generation.

He has also been selected as an All-Star 12 times, mostly with the Red Sox. During his time with the Red Sox, Ramirez also won the World Series twice. Manny’s career was not without controversy, however, and he was suspended in 2011 for violating the MLB’s drug policy. After that, he did not play another game in the league.

Early life

Manuel Arístides Ramírez Onelcida was born on May 30, 1972 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. He spent the first 13 years of his life in the Dominican Republic and became thoroughly obsessed with baseball during that time. When he was eight years old, he was given a Dodgers uniform. At the age of 13, he and his family moved to Washington Heights, New York City. Despite living in NYC, Ramirez became a fan of the Toronto Blue Jays. This was because they had Dominican stars like George Bell and Tony Fernandez on their list. Ramirez always attended the Yankees games when the Blue Jays were in town.

Although Manny attended high school, he left high school at the age of 19 without ever graduating. His high school baseball team consisted entirely of Dominican players. The team won three championships in a row. During his high school years, Ramirez set a batting average of .650 and scored 14 home runs in 22 games.


In 1991 Manny was selected by the Cleveland Indians in the first round of the MLB draft. He received a signing bonus of $ 250,000 and started playing in the minor leagues. After impressing during that time, he made his Major League debut against the Minnesota Twins in 1993. He was an instant strong influence, hitting a number of home runs in his first season. By 1994 he had set a batting average of 0.300. He really got famous in 1995 when he scored 31 home runs. He was then selected for his first all-star game.

Manny’s strength and accuracy increased significantly over the next few years. This resulted in a sizable hot streak in 1999, and it reached seven runs in April of that year alone. Injuries hampered his performance in 2000 and Manny joined the Red Sox. It proved to be a valuable acquisition for the team, leading them to two World Series in 2004 and 2007. He then moved to the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Chicago White Sox before leaving the MLB on a positive drug test.

Manny eventually returned to baseball, however, signing a minor league contract with the Oakland Athletics in 2012. He then played in the Dominican Professional Baseball League, the Shikoku Island League Plus in Japan, the Chinese Professional Baseball League and various other minor league teams in the United States. In 2020 he signed a contract with the Sydney Blue Sox in the Australian Baseball League. He was supposed to act mainly as a trainer. In 2021, the Blue Sox released Ramirez.

Manny Ramirez net worth

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Salary and professional merits

At the height of his career, Ramirez made over $ 20.5 million a year. In 2011, he signed a $ 2 million contract with the Tampa Bay Rays. In 1995 the Indians gave him a four-year contract extension of 10.15 million US dollars. The Indians then offered him a seven-year $ 119 million deal in 2000, but Ramirez’s agent turned down the deal. That would have made him the highest paid baseball player. He then signed a $ 160 million deal with the Red Sox that included $ 20 million options for 2009 and 2010.

Manny made just over $ 200 million in salary during his career alone.


In 2011, Manny Ramirez abruptly retired from MLB shortly after signing with the Tampa Bay Rays. Reports surfaced suggesting that he had tested positive for drugs. Manny has been accused of ingesting a performance-enhancing substance during spring training that year. The first sample was retested and the result was the same. Ramirez appealed and a second sample was tested. This also came back positively.

This caused Manny to drop the appeal and notify the MLB that he would be stepping down. The MLB then issued a statement informing the public that Manny had decided to retire instead of continuing the appeal process. Had he not retired, he would have faced a 100-game ban, which would have persisted even if he had chosen to return to the MLB in the future.

Later in 2011, Ramirez attempted to join the Cibao Eagles in the Dominican Winter League. Unfortunately, for him, the Dominican Winter League is actually linked to the MLB, which means his 100-game suspension prevented him from joining. Manny then immediately overturned his previous decision, stating he was ready to serve his 100-game suspension before filing for MLB reinstatement. Eventually an agreement was reached that allowed him to serve a 50-game suspension.


In 2011, it was reported that Ramirez had sold his Boston penthouse for $ 5.5 million. He had tried to unload the property since 2009 when he listed it for $ 8.5 million. After dropping $ 3 million in price, he finally found a buyer.

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