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On Wednesday, October 20, 2021, “Memoirs from the Hilltop” by the 70-year-old lawyer, banker, author, lay preacher and business consultant Kofi Otutu Adu Labi was presented in Accra.


Under the direction of the ace broadcaster “General Chairman” Kwami Sefa Kayi, the two-hour event began at exactly 5 pm, with the chairman being invited to begin the negotiations after an opening prayer. The chairman was the presiding judge in retirement and a member of the Council of State, your ladyship judge Ms. Georgina Theodora Wood.

The reviewer was the former Chair of the National Media Commission / former Chair of the Ghana Association of Writers, Nana Kwasi Gyan Apenteng. In his comprehensive review of the book, spiced with plenty of humor, Nana described the author as a prolific writer who has written nine books since 2016.

Contrary to popular belief that “Memoirs from the Hilltop,” which is around its 70 pen. He said he would keep writing as long as God allows him.

One fascinating revelation Nana made about the author was that he won the “What Do You Know?” National quiz competition three years in a row in the 1970s. including the addition of the title “Champion-of-Champions” in 1975.

Regarding the author’s 32 years of service with the Dansoman Emmanuel Presbyterian Church and currently with the Adenta-Frafraha Victory Presbyterian Church and his many hymns in the book, the reviewer lamented the fact that, as much as he would have liked, he couldn’t sing a hymn to the audience. Because when he tried singing in secondary school, he was banned from further singing lessons by the music teacher!

Compassionately with the reviewer, the chairwoman of your ladyship explained that should anyone in the audience encounter this disaster, we must remember that the frog sings just like the nightingale. Both are God’s creations! Therefore, we should all make a sound of joy to the Lord.

That was music to the ears of the “Chairman-General”, who is constantly teased by his colleague at Peace-FM Dan Kwaku Yeboah for singing cacophonically to good music.

a book

The highlight of the evening was the presentation of “Memoirs from the Hilltop” by the Governor of the Central Bank of Ghana, Dr. Philip Addison.

I am not going to attempt a kamikaze mission to condense a 383-page, 37-chapter autobiography into one 750/800 word limit article. The subtitle of “Memoirs from the Hilltop” is “Stories and Lessons from the School of Life”. The author describes names / people, places and events in his life down to the smallest detail, which only a photographic memory can recall. For example, he remembers the names of his classmates at the PTC Demonstration School in Akropong with amazing ease (page 29). He does the same for his colleagues at Legon Law School.

I found the following quote (page 9) about Ghana’s independence to be significant.

“Fortunately, the struggle for independence on what was then the Gold Coast, which became Ghana when it became independent, remained free from the armed conflict and guerrilla warfare that shaped the struggle in other places, including Algeria, Kenya and Zimbabwe.”

This is history that the younger generation should know.


Nana Gyan said this about the author.

“It has been an almost perfect life, if ever there was, and I can tell you that this book is also an almost perfect autobiography.”

For such an accomplished and successful gentleman, self-adulation would have been logical. Still, the author was always humble. He gives all glory to God. The lesson for us is to realize that humility is a virtue and that every talent given by God must be used to serve humanity.

The reviewer also stated;

“The aspect of this book that will inspire readers the most is the character who is the backbone of moral consciousness.”

As Billy Graham put it, “When money is lost, nothing is lost. When health is lost, something is lost. But if the CHARACTER is lost, everything is lost. “

To write

In Ghana, where authors are rare, the publication of Kofi Otutu Adu Labi’s tenth book should inspire Ghanaians to write. It was good to hear that some of his books are institutional textbooks.

As with the publication of my book “Retirement Musings” in 2019, I appeal again to Ghanaians to write!

In his contribution, the book’s editor, Mr Fred Labi from Digibooks, expressed his willingness to assist those with manuscripts ready for publication.

In conclusion, I do not want to say that I do not praise Nana Kwasi Gyan Apenteng for his excellent review of Memoirs from the Hilltop, Chairman-General Kwami Sefa-Kayi for good governance and the choir of Adenta-Frafraha Victory Presbyterians Church for the melodious music. Congratulations to the author!

Leadership, leadership!

Dear Ghanaians, wake up!

Brigadier General Dan Frimpong (Rtd)

Former CEO, African Peace Support Trainers Association

Nairobi, Kenya

President of the Council

Family Health University College


[email protected]

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