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What is Michael Bisping’s net worth?

Michael Bisping is a retired English mixed martial artist with a net worth of $ 9 million. Today he is best known for his work as a sports analyst and commentator. He has also gotten some acting roles over the years. During his years as a mixed martial artist, he has built a reputation for fighting in the UFC. He competed in the middleweight and light heavyweight division and eventually won the UFC middleweight championship. He also had success in the now defunct Cage Rage organization in Great Britain and won the light heavyweight championship in this organization.

Bisping was a groundbreaking force for British fighters in the UFC and was the first British fighter to participate in a major UFC event. He then became the first Briton to win a UFC championship when he won at UFC 199. No other British fighter has ever surpassed this feat. In 2019 Michael Bisping was inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame. Fans know him as “Der Graf”, a nickname that he has earned because he is actually considered a Graf in Poland. This is due to a family line that goes back to his grandfather, a Polish count.

Early life

Michael Gavin Joseph Bisping was born on February 28, 1979 in Nicosia, Cyprus. Raised a “military brat” by a father in the British Army, Michael began training jujutsu at the age of eight. His family moved to Clitheroe, Lancashire shortly after he was born, and then attended a Roman Catholic school. At the age of 15 he took part in the first British MMA competitions. However, he broke off his martial arts training at the age of 18.

This turned out to be a very short hiatus as Michael resumed training a year later. During this time he trained boxing, kickboxing and karate. After a brief career in kickboxing, where he won the North West Area title and two pro titles in the British light heavyweight division, Bisping gave up full-time training for financial reasons. Forced to find a job, Michael worked in factories and slaughterhouses for a while. He also worked for demolition companies, upholstery companies, the post office, tilers and plasterers.


Bisping finally made his professional MMA debut in 2004, winning Pride & Glory: Battle of the Ages. During those early years, Michael fought in many British tournaments, setting a solid record and winning the Cage Rage light heavyweight championship. In 2005 he was considered one of the best MMA fighters in Great Britain. During this time he fought against mostly unknown fighters. However, he lost to well-known names like Cyrille Diabaté and won against another well-known figure in Ross Pointon.

In 2006, Pointon and Bisping both appeared on “The Ultimate Fighter 3,” the UFC-organized reality show. Trained by Tito Ortiz, Bisping won fights against Pointon, Kristian Rothaermal and Josh Haynes to win the competition as a light heavyweight fighter. After winning “The Ultimate Fighter 3”, Bisping joined the UFC as a light heavyweight fighter and won against characters like Elvis Sinosic and Matt Hamill. However, he chose to fight as a middleweight after losing to Rashad Evans.

Michael Bisping net worth

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He then entered his first fight as a middleweight against Charles McCarthy and won by TKO. More victories came against Jason Day and Chris Leben before he coached the ninth season of “The Ultimate Fighter”. After the end of the season, Bisping was first knocked out by Dan Henderson, who had also appeared as a coach in the television series. The knockout was tough and Bisping had problems with cognition and memory after the fight.

Bisping recovered, however, with a win over Denis Kang. Unfortunately, his next fight against Wanderlei Silva was a defeat. He then won against fighters like Dan Miller, Yoshihiro Akiyama, Jorge Rivera and Jason Miller before losing to Chael Sonnen. Conflicting results followed, and Bisping suffered a retinal detachment while fighting Victor Belfort.

When Chris Weidman retired from a championship bout against Luke Rockhold in 2016, Bisping stepped on and accepted the bout with just 17 days lead time. He then won by knockout in the first round and took the UFC middleweight championship. This was considered to be one of the biggest surprises in UFC history. Bisping successfully defended his title once before losing it to Georges St-Pierre. After losing another fight, Michael retired in 2018, citing problems with his eyesight.


Bisping met his wife in Manchester. After the marriage, the couple had three children together. The family lives in Orange County, California. Their eldest son became a promising wrestler who later competed in NCAA Division II while studying at San Francisco University.


After a fight with Victor Belfort left him with a retinal detachment, Bisping developed a disease known as strabismus. This condition means that his eyes are out of alignment when he tries to focus on an object.

Feud with Victor Belfort

Bisping has expressed his distaste for Victor Belfort, largely over the struggle that left him with a retinal detachment. At that time, Belfort was taking steroids. This made Bisping’s loss controversial, and the British fighter has been critical of Victor ever since. When Belfort lost to Lyoto Machida in his retirement battle in 2018, Bisping stated that he believed Victor’s entire career was made possible by cheating and pinning on steroids.

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