Michael Jordan once turned down a $ 100 million deal that would have only required two hours of work

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Even non-basketball fans know the name Michael Jordan. Without discussion, he is one of the greatest players of all time – and in many camps the best of all time. He’s certainly done well since retiring.

Jordan is now a billionaire thanks to his business ventures, sponsorship relationships – including a lifetime deal with Nike – and his own Jordan brand. He just made millions more after Paris Saint Germain signed Lionel Messi as Jordan earned a five cents license for every shirt sold.

Perhaps it is this type of constant income that enables a person to turn down $ 100 million for what appears to be a very minimal effort.

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Some time ago David Falk was a guest at the Boomer & Gio podcast. Falk represented Jordan during his active time and has been closely associated with him ever since. The agent shared some stories about what it was like to work with the perennial all-star.

Falk spoke of an opportunity he was given for Jordan: He would spend a day playing at a golf tournament while the Charlotte Bobcats were in Asia for a pre-season game. Falk said he was offered $ 7 million to play with, but Jordan turned it down.

The hosts then asked Jordan for the largest marketing fee he had ever accepted. Though not naming a number, Falk said he always wanted Jordan to close long-term deals and agree to terms and conditions that match his brand and unique personality. Then he told another story about a deal Jordan didn’t make.

“I brought him a deal for $ 100 million three years ago,” said Falk. “All he had to do other than give his name and likeness was to go two hours to announce the deal, and he declined.”

Falk noted that Jordan’s success gives him the opportunity to do what he wants and that is what he admires about the player. He can be picky – sometimes that means turning down huge sums of money.

It’s a place few of us will ever be. But that’s an advantage of being maybe the best who has ever played.

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