Mom sobs when her child posts a letter on social media asking for Ghs 900 to help her because of her terrible health.

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The power of social media was again demonstrated when Twitter users banded together to help a young boy who wrote a letter describing his family’s financial situation and shared it on Twitter.

In his letter, the boy stated that he is the third of five children, with his father working as a Trotro driver and his mother as a housewife.

He said that his father lost his job because of a problem with the engine of his car and that now they can’t even buy the bare minimums.

As a result, he begged the Ghanaians to come to the aid of his family in their need.

And he was not disappointed when his cry for help was duly heard and internet users quickly gathered around the child and raised a sizable sum of GHC900 to be delivered to the 10 year old and his family.

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