My mother’s death inspired me to make music

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Korsah started making music in 2015 Korsah started making music in 2015

Budding musician Korsah said he was inspired to make music shortly after losing his mother in 2015.

The event was devastating, but he took inspiration from it. He moved to Accra, where he discovered his love for music. He learned to appreciate Ghanaian music as a young boy, but decided to add a new dimension to it when he got the opportunity.

When Korsah decided to make music, he took the time to study music and then decided on his genre. Since then, he has been an admirable figure for many.

When he was growing up, Korsah attended Atonsu M / A School, where he received his basic education. After successfully completing his basic education, he moved to the Elite College in Kumasi, where he studied general art.

Korsah got into music professionally in 2015 and has made a statement since its debut. His resilience, persistence and passion have quickly brought his career to the top. He has been an independent artist since his debut but has close ties to Chicago-based BMW Music and 610 music under the direction of Kofi Sonny.

Korsah’s outstanding talent came to the fore in 2015 when he released Snapchat. The song went viral on all platforms.

He released amazing songs like “Free Me”, “I Did It”, “Hold On”, “Show Something”, “Bloom”, “Ahh”, among others. He has worked with great artists like Flowking Stone, Broni and Kofi Mole.

The rapper believes that the best music is not that made with noise, but rather that that has a clear message and an authentic sound.

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