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Onasis Kobby, the Ashanti regional youth organizer of the National Democratic Congress, has announced his willingness to bring Aker Energy to the Norwegian anti-corruption authorities over the proposed deal with the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation.

Speaking to Kasapa FM, Onasis stated that GNPC’s decision to acquire shares in Aker Energy was a “nested corruption program” aimed at meeting the needs of certain people at the country’s expense.

He posited that it made no financial sense for GNPC to invest $ 1.6 billion in a company with net worth of $ 210 million.

He said Aker Energy is aware of the dire situation and is trying to use Ghana’s oil resources to sell stocks and make profits at the expense of the country’s resources.

“It’s a complicated corruption plan because you can’t budget $ 1.6 billion to buy a company. Nobody is against GNPC being an integrator, but the value they put up makes no sense. This is a purely large corruption plan and I will ask the Norwegian anti-corruption authorities to investigate.

“The GNPC chief does not say how much has been invested in the field. The estimated cost of the entire field operation is $ 4.4 billion, and that money does not come from Aker Energy alone. The net worth does not support the potential benefits Aker is alleged to get from this deal.

He warned Aker Energy that this deal will not be let off the hook and that it will use every available platform to ensure Ghanaians are not fleeced on the deal.

“Norway is a country that has benefited from the oil and gas industry and so we rely on the Norwegian model to escape the curse of resources and become a blessing. One thing Norway has done is that its Criminal Code, which curbs corruption curb law, is strict and therefore all of Europe has top law when it comes to oil and gas. What Aker Energy does; They should know that they will never go unaccompanied because it has happened before and we will make it happen again, ”he remarked.

The $ 1.6 billion deal has met fierce opposition from around 15 civil society organizations who say Ghana fell short.

They believe that while the contract to transfer more oil stakes to GNPC is okay, the value at which the deal is reached does not show the country’s economic wisdom.

Source: Ghanaweb

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