NPP wants to do ‘Break The 8’ to cover up corrupt deals – Mahama.

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Former Ghanaian President John Dramani Mahama has stated that the ruling New Patriotic Party is struggling to stay in power to evade accountability after eight years of creating, looting and sharing.

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) government has repeatedly stated that it is working hard to ensure that it is the political party to break the eight-year curse of political parties in power.

The party believes that its policies, programs and measures to transform Ghana will help them achieve the vision of a very long stay in power.

But the former President of Ghana, who was also the flag bearer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the 2020 elections, John Dramani Mahama, believes that the NPP does not have the country and its citizens in its heart, but wants to shield their corrupt practices.

In an interview with Radio Tamale’s Robicon Mornahson, the former president said, “You say politicians are liars. Politicians don’t tell the truth. We hear a lot of this among the youth. But it is less with the voters.

“A government comes and says I’m going to build 350 new secondary schools. And on that basis you vote for them. Or a government comes and says if I come I’ll create jobs and put money in your pockets.

“And 5 years later you feel poorer even before they came. Five years later, more young people are unemployed than before. These things, the net effect or the impact, is that they change people’s confidence in the democratic system that we have ”.

And added, “And that’s why you find more young people today saying that you are just fixing the country. Fix the land. It takes our combined efforts as leaders. We shouldn’t say that only they are in government. We should look beyond NPP.

“And when NDC comes, they’ll ask you to fix it. So I say this is the time to engage our youth. We need an agenda that enforces, and it is more radical, that will change the fortunes of our country. And I think it’s not at the head of a president. Or in the boss of a political party. It will take a lot of cooperation. It will take a lot of consensus building. It will take a lot of responsibility. Holding people accountable ”.

But John Dramani Mahama rejected the dreams of the NPP, suggesting that Ghana’s constitution allowed each government eight years, after which another stepped in to review the work done.

“You say, ‘Break the 8,’ so brush under the rug whatever useless we’ve done, but (choose) someone accessible to us so that we don’t consider our 8 years. No, there must be accountability.

“You have been in government for 8 years so a new government has to come and hold you accountable. Why did you do that? Why did you do that? People are happy to run away with the booty they’ve made, ”he said.

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