Parts of Koforidua flooded after over two hours of rain

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A downpour on Monday led to flooding in parts of the eastern regional capital Koforidua.

Parts of the Koforidua central market, the central police station, and other areas in the central business district were submerged in floods after the roughly two-and-a-half hour rainfall.

However, local residents are outraged that the Nsukwao Basin drainage project has not resolved the ongoing flooding in the city.

Other areas such as Srodae and the Prince Boateng roundabout were also flooded.

A drive through town after the rains revealed that cars were still under water and that a number of access roads were cut off.

Koforidua has seen heavy rains recently, which has been a blessing for farmers but a cause for concern for some residents.

Electronics stores, spare parts, and coffin makers around Nsukwao all had their share of the destruction.

Residents have struggled with flooding in the past and the completion of the Nsukwao Basin drainage project should be a relief for them.

The drainage project was launched as part of the Ghana Secondary Cities funding program.

It was intended to improve city management and basic city services in 25 participating community assemblies across the country.

When President Nana Akufo-Addo broke ground for the drainage project in August 2017, he stated that its completion would minimize flooding in the identified communities.

But the residents see it differently.

A bridge connecting Adweso Low-Cost Housing with the Adweso Ssnit apartment was completely washed away by the rain. This has had an impact on the mobility of students and motorists in the area.

Some stranded students speaking to Citi news requested immediate government attention to repair the damaged bridge.

Juaben South’s new city manager, Isaac Apau Gyasi, who believes the project has reduced flooding in Koforidua even before completion, is still concerned and wants residents to be very careful.

However, he said structural adjustments would be proposed to the project’s engineers to ensure residents get relief downstream.

Meteorologists have already warned residents to be prepared for more rain in the coming days.


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