“Pay Me $25,000” – Efia Odo tells the guy who asked her to marry him

Ghanaian media personality Andrea Owusu, widely known as Efia Odo, has given an appropriate response to a man who had expressed interest in marrying her.

The talented actress recently replied to this guy in a post she shared on her verified social media name on the popular social media platform Twitter.

The guy wrote a first post which reads;

β€œMarry me so I can get a green card. You will save me from Ghana.”

In her response, Efia demanded the man pay her a whopping $25,000 before she agrees to marry her, and her post has drawn a few mixed reactions.

Check out the interactions below;

The guy then replied and said;

@Abdulhu – Please reconsider, I will love you and be forever grateful 😭😭

Some other reactions the post received are;

@_Sad_Saint – Awww 🀣🀣 $25,000 not Cedis πŸ₯ΉπŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚ Then when I get the green card, I’ll bring all my family members to the States

@Dynamics_ – Next time don’t mention this chicken change again to a Ghanaian youth. Now boys get money, ooh Please don’t say that next time. These are coins

@Roddlyng – If he has that much money, aa anka, he won’t ask you that

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