“Please forgive me for having sex with my cousin even though I’m married.” – The lady confesses to her husband and asks him to forgive her.

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Cate has admitted cheating on her husband in her marriage bed with her cousin and begs him to forgive her.

Cate claims that her husband worked on a construction site and gave her 100 Ghc every day for Super, which was not enough to feed her children at the time, and she was not working.

She claims that every time her cousin visited her she gave her money, which resulted in a sexual relationship, and she started sleeping with him in their marriage bed, but that she now regrets it and begs her husband to forgive her .

Cate claims that when her husband saw her in their marital bed with her cousin, feeling awful, she packed up her belongings and left the children with her husband.

Robert, Cate’s husband, claims that he will never forgive her and that he has already got on with his life, marrying another woman who values ​​him despite his low income.
Robert insists that he is content with his new life and that he is able to care for his children.

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