“Poverty Delays Me” – Phrimpong clears lyrics for ‘Ohia’ after TV3 abruptly ends video play over vulgar words »EOnlineGH.Com

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Media General’s first seed, TV3 Ghana, abruptly ended Wednesday morning playing a phrimpong music video during a live TV interview.

Unfortunately, the media company stopped broadcasting the video for “Ohia” presented by Shatta Wale with a dramatic excuse.

TV3 hinted at a technical catch for the inconvenience in an earlier release, but later alluded to allegations of using vulgar words in support of their action, a claim that did not please multiple TedEx cast members.

In a conversation with MzGee about the entertainment segment of TV3’s flagship program Newday, Phrimpong illuminated the lyrics for the sake of clarity – there are no vulgar words in it, Ohia Ma Me Kyɛ, namely poverty delays me.

This is the second time Phrimpong has suffered the same fate over a video shown on Ghanaian television.

Watch the video for Ohia, listen to the lyrics and judge the content for yourself.