Prince Charles has a car that runs on cheese and wine

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Prince Charles has announced that he owns an old Aston Martin that has been converted to run on cheese and wine.

The Prince of Wales spoke about his unusual car in a new interview with the BBC, in which he chats about the environment and climate change.

During the interview, Charles was asked about his own carbon footprint and love of cars.

Interviewer Justin Rowlatt said, “Is it fair to say that you are a bit of a Clarkson, some kind of gasoline head, and have always enjoyed cars?”

Prince Charles replied, “Yes, but that was before we knew what the problems were.

“But I managed to hide my old Aston Martin, which I’ve owned for 51 years.

Prince Charles has a car that runs on cheese and wine

“I barely have a chance to drive it now, but it’s now done with waste products, believe it, excess English white wine and whey from cheese processing.”

Not only did Charles remodel his car, but he also revealed some of the steps he’s taken to reduce his carbon footprint.

This included cutting meat and fish from his diet two days a week and cutting dairy products one day a week, installing solar panels at Clarence House and Highgrove, and using biomass boilers that use wood chips to power his property in To heat Birkhall.

Elsewhere in the interview, Charles said he shared the concerns of Greta Thunberg and other environmental activists that world leaders “only” talk about climate change and are not doing enough to prevent its disastrous effects.

But he added that he didn’t think they should get their message across in a way that “alienates people” “.

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