Prison break: Over 1,500 inmates escape Nigeria prison

Reach reports states that a thief identified as Agyasuo was trapped in a church he was trying to rob.

Agyasuo broke into a Catholic church building in Techimantia, Tano South, Ghana. Witnesses near the scene revealed that the thief had made a hole on the first floor of the locked multi-storey building with a chisel and hammer.

The residents saw him make the hole, but decided to watch it from a distance. After making the hole, he got in and stole some money from the church. He is also said to have stolen cell phones and other accessories

He was unlucky, however, as he could not manage his way out. Residents alerted the building’s caretaker after fighting there for a while.

The caretaker opened the door and found the suspect trapped in the hole.

When he asked to be released, residents collected the sacrifice money that he first stole while questioning him.

In the video, Agyasuo was seen asking for help after handing over the GH ¢ 200.00 offertory he had stolen.

See the full video below

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