Psalm Adjeteyfio reveals: “Best point paid me Ghc 500 for ‘Aponkyeniti’ pensions TV AdVert”

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Psalm Adjeteyfio, best known for his role as TT in the acclaimed Taxi Driver series, has announced that he has paid GHC 500 to participate in the classic Best Point Pension advertisement.

There have been concerns about where the actor’s acting revenue has gone.

TT, on the other hand, has noted that the salary for various positions does not match his celebrity or even the hype commercials he has appeared in on national television and radio.

“I contacted Louis and asked, ‘Isn’t there anything wrong with you?’ Because I’m broke like a church mouse. He informed me that there was a vacancy, but the remuneration was insufficient. I pushed myself because I was broke and had no other options. The man then indicated that he would get in touch with his management and call me back.

He called to say the commercial could be shot, but his manager had to meet with me first. When the boss called he said the advertising budget was 300 GHC but because it was for me he would like to add a little more.

He didn’t say how much he wanted to contribute. On the day of the shoot, I met the man I had shot the commercial with; there was no script and we were only told what was expected of us. So I came up with the phrase “aponkyeniti, Otwiniti ni ti” and lo and behold, that’s what the ad sold, ”he explained to Step 1 TV.

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