Pundit: The law has to deal with Opambour when it airs Hot P0rN on national television.

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Kwesi Ernest, entertainment critic and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Media Excel, has asked the prophet Ebenezer Adarkwa Yiadom, also known as Opambour, the founder and director of the Ebenezer Miracle Worship Center in Kumasi, to apologize to the good people of Ghana shows pornographic videos on his television channel ‘Opambour TV’ at prime time.

In addition, he has requested that the law, in particular the film classification committee headed by veteran film producer Socrate Safo, deal with the Man of God because of the atypical display of unnecessary content on his free-to-air channel.

During a panel discussion on Peace FM’s Entertainment Review, he described the acts of the Man of God as something that should not be tolerated in the future.

“I’ve been following Opambour for a long time and I’m amazed that he has the courage and character to show pornographic material on his television station in this country. He has great respect in this country, but I’m not sure why he suddenly developed into a sex counselor, among other things. He has found that this is the trend and so he enjoys emphasizing this aspect more in his sermon. The majority of people have numerous videos of his alleged sex education and preaching.

“To go as far as showing pornographic material on his channel. You can’t tell us if the disgusting videos were shown by mistake. There is no mistake in the world of television production. Opambour did poorly and could have avoided showing such videos on national television. Given his stature as a man of God, I doubt he would be satisfied with such actions; therefore he has to apologize.

He should write a letter of apology to the good people of Ghana before the law comes after him. Before Socrate and his team can lawfully deal with him, Papa must apologize, ”he said.

The outspoken man of God caused outrage on social media two weeks ago after showing his congregation the pornographic content on television during a live sermon.

The Film Classification Committee then wrote a statement to him explaining the circumstances surrounding his showing of such videos on national television.

The following is a copy of the letter that the Film Classification Committee sent to the TV station:

General Manager of Prophet One TV

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